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Dr. Sabiti Makara
Political Science and Public Administration

An Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at Makerere University in Uganda. He is an expert in public administration and management. He is an editor of three books on Uganda’s elections, and another one in the offing. He has published several articles in journals on elections and public governance. He is a member of the African Governance Experts’ Forum(AGF) hosted by UNDP/UNECA. He was part of an international team as a Senior Consultant that has completed a study for USAID, assessing its project on Multiparty Democracy in Uganda.  He worked as a national counterpart with a team of  consultants from the Swedish Agency for Development Evaluation (SADEV), which evaluated the capacities of Ugandan political parties.  He is a team leader of the researchers assessing Uganda’s 2011 elections.  He is doing work for UNDP on the best practices of Uganda’s local governments. In 2011, he hosted CMI  Bergen/Makerere University international conference on Liberation Movements, Elections and Democracy in Africa at Jinja, Uganda in June 2011.





Dr. Sarah Ssali
Gender Studies, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

A Senior Lecturer, Gender Studies, College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Makarere University. Her research interests include gender and democracy and the place of HIV clients in HIV/AIDS policy processes; health systems, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and sexuality, social networks, conflict and post conflict situations and their impact on health, health financing and household health care seeking.

Sarah Ssali holds a PhD in International Health Studies from Queen Margaret University, a Master of Arts in Gender Studies from Makerere University and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from Makerere University.




Justus Rugambwa

PhD Candidate  
Justus holds an MA in Public Administration and Management, and BA (honours) in Social Sciences, majoring in Political Science, both attained at Makerere University in Uganda. For most part of his practitioner career, Justus coordinated implementation of HIV/AIDS, Gender Equality, Food Security and local governance community development programs for Actionaid Uganda. He also participated and led several national civil society campaigns for good governance and public accountability in Uganda. He rose from a District level coordinator to head the field programs of Uganda Actionaid country program. He left Actionaid as Program Development Manager to become the Executive Director of DENIVA, a large national network of over 700 non-governmental organisations in Uganda. DENIVA also coordinates the Quality Assurance and Certification for NGOs in Uganda.