Collaborative Research

Working together – Collaborative research

The collaborative projects undertaken include

  1. Governance, decentralisation and the Fight Against HIV/AIDS: Uganda and Tanzania in Comparative Perspective – Ernest Mallya (UDSM) and Sabiti Makara (MU)
  2. Citizen Engagement and the Challenge of Public Sector Capacity Building, – Chris McInerney (UL), Ernest Mallya (UDSM),Sabiti Makara (MU)
  3. The socioeconomic impact of the provision of antiretroviral medication in the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), Limpopo and Gauteng – Tom Lodge (UL) and Shauna Mottiar, (UKZN).
  1. The hidden group level factors that make tackling the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa so difficult  overseen by Orla Muldoon (UL), Mike Quayle (UL/UKZN), Tamaryn Nicholson, (PhD student at UKZN)
  2.  Social Capital and Social Networks in African Scholarship on Public Policy and Administration and HIV/AIDS overseen by Mike Quayle (UL/UKZN) and Maura Adshead (UL)