Research Description

The HIV Policy Action Project

This project focused on the role of public administration in implementing and delivering policies on HIV/AIDS through the establishment of a collaborative partnership between a number of institutes of higher education in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Ireland.

The project is centrally concerned with policy processes and communities that are not reached by conventional policy practice and on the relationships between public administration and other organisations engaged in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Through this strategic partnership the project sought to answer a number of questions designed to enhance the capacity of national public administration to address HIV/AIDS and to foster stronger linkages between public administrations, institutes of higher education and civil society in each of the participating countries.  

To achieve this, the project supported four PhD students (one each in Uganda and Tanzania and two in South Africa) who researched themes related the project, from a variety of different perspectives. It has also developed of a number of collaborative research projects between the academics in the partner institutions which have generated academic as well as policy oriented publications.  

The research created throughout the project was shared with the policy communities in each country in a series of Knowledge Exchange Forums (KEFs).

Finally, to capture and share learning from the project a series of policy briefs and a policy toolkit have been produce to influence the more effective delivery of policy as well as to shape the direction of future research.